Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free Games! Thousands of Free Games!

Gaming is more than just a hobby for me. It's a major part of my life and I have been gaming for most of my years. It started when the Space Invaders Arcade Game first arrived at the local convenience mart near my home in the early 80's. I spent hours playing it and have been following games ever since. I have always been proud of how much I keep up on all aspects of gaming and figured I knew pretty much every aspect of the industry.

But I have been missing one major key for a long time now....FREE GAME ARCADES.

Free Game Arcades are completely AWESOME! There are thousands and thousands games out now and all free! Classics like Frogger, Pac Man, QBert and more recent games like Tetris are all FREE!

I figured these sites were full of garbage just meant to pull you into clicking their ads. I WAS WRONG! THESE SITES ARE GREAT!

So great in fact, that I have been playing games on them for hours when I have free time. They are quick, easy and you can jump in and out of a game even if you only have 15-20 mins to play such as during a work break. (if your boss allows you to -_-)

You can also download the games for play on your computer or embed them in your website or MySpace!!

I love Free Game Arcades so much I have created my own! Just because I felt a lot of arcades were too unfriendly and the administrators really didn't respond to user suggestions or even friendly feedback. I also wanted to make sure I got all the best games in one easy-to-use place. :)

I would recommend the following sites for anyone interested in finding these untapped treasure chests: - The BEST Free Game Arcade is my own personal arcade site. I am trying to create the most user inspired arcade ever. If you stop by, feel free to send me suggestions or post about games you seen and I will grab them. I have thousands of games loaded already and plan to add thousands more.

Here are some other great sites I have gotten games from. These sites are not owned by me, but most arcades share game. These guys are great and I didn't want this whole article to be a shameless promotion. Just part of it. :P - Great arcade with good games. - Great games on this site. I have several of theirs on my site. - I have some of theirs also. - Yep, I sure did!

I would suggest you check out these sites and see all that you have been missing!

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