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World Of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide

World Of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide by Ivan Calderwell

Wow or World of warcraft is a fantasy game with a Role Playing theme set in a fantastic land of goblins orcs, magians, dwarfs and so on. It can be a hard game to master which is why many guides are written to assist the enthusiastic Wow player.

The premise of this article is to therefore give the summary of just few of those guides that abound and which can indeed power level you through this online game. Should you not be aware of it, power leveling means to enhance ones experience in the game in the quickest possible time.

All those guides claim, and some do succeed, in guiding you from level one right up to level 60 sometime in a week or less. This is achieved by guiding the player through the areas of the game that are necessary in order to gain the experience empowering you to go up more levels and focus only in those that gain you experience and steer you away from quests that don't. I know for a fact that such World of Warcraft guides do in fact work and they work

very well indeed.

Following these guides is easy as all you either do is follow directions given to you in an ebook that is found in the member's area or in a pdf ebook. The most famous and effective guide doing this is Brian Kopp's 1-60 Alliance Guide. I have yet to hear many that bought it that sent it back and asked for a refund. This guide is regurlarly updated with new directions and maps and is written by a player that has been playing the game since it was first released.

You then have other guides that use video stream to guide you through the places in the game which you need to visit to power level yourself as fast as possible from the the very first level up until the the last level (the 60th). Another famous guide using the video reference is Johana's Mancow's guide called Joana's Horde Leveling Guide. You might also have noticed that each guide has either a preference for either an horde or an alliance protagonist.

Other guides in wow center around that scarce commodity which world of warcraft deals with even more than in the real life and this is of course gold. Most of of these guides will guide you either to the best quests where gold can be mined and or teach you how to mine your own so that you can concentrate on other parts of the game.

Without a shadow of doubt you will enjoy the game better if you level up through the game by yourself. On the other hand the game can really get tricky and frustrating at times and the use of these guides can really help making the game a bit more enjoyable rather than leaving you languishing in utter and not leave you not knowing what to do next. Also be aware that world of warcraft is a dynamic game that keeps releasing expansion packs so ensure that the guide you opt to aquire give you updates for the expansion packs after you buy them. The two we think are the best do that but some other may not. So watch out for that if you aquire a wow leveling guide.

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