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Shape of Things to Come in the Gaming Business

Shape of Things to Come in the Gaming Business by reclaimer.45

Last year, the game industry's console and game income soundly trounced the Film Industry's box office revenues. Game Spot, a popular video game franchise, claimed $1,700,000,000 in grosses for last year's Christmas Season.

December proved to be a milestone in the gaming industry's conquest of Yank culture, with Major League Gaming awarding $1.75 million worth of contracts with the top professional players on 18 December. MLG currently airs a weekly TV broacast on USA Network, and the revenue power of online gaming is beginning to show its muscle.

3 days later (21 December), Commissioner Damon, star centerfielder for the New York Yankees, unveiled his association with the Global Gaming League, to form the Professional Ballplayers Gaming League. The PBGL will allow Joe Average to play with and against some of his favorite professional baseball stars in the PBGL's chosen field of video game competition, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Xbox Live.

Also there's the continual merging of Hollywood and video gaming toward a common destination. Major game producer, Capcom, has already enjoyed a prosperous affiliation with Hollywood when it licensed its Resident Evil rights to Impact Pictures and Sony Pictures for 3 separate films (a 3rd is being produced). Now Capcom is beginning a alliance with Hyde Park to create a Street Fighter movie.

Gaming is proving itself to be very able to stand alone, however. As of June of last year, Xbox Live divulged that over half a billion complete games of Halo had been played on Xbox Live. We are not saying half a billion players, but 500 mil full battles, that could accommodate as many as 16 players simultaneously. This seems to be more of a coup d etat, than a fleeting fad.

We profess to be the brightest crayon, but even our dog can see the potential. How soon before more athletic leagues see the potential in following Mr. Damon's lead? maybe if game developers started making games specifically for this sort of use? EA Sports, do you hear us? Think of the reaction of crazed fans if they could play Madden 2007 against their favorite football stars on Xbox Live, during the off-season? Seasonal cease-fires would cease to be an endgame for the sporting leagues. Talent promotion then interaction would continue all year long. What about professional wrestlers? NHL? What would a Indy 500 fan do to race with a preferred race car driver on Xbox Live? The combinations are endless.

Videogaming, andnotably, online videogaming, is about to alter Entertainment as we know it today.

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