Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is it safe to mod my Wii or Xbox?

The short answer: no

When it comes to the modding community, the reality is that nothing is 100% safe. But, in all likely hood, most people who purchase a mod chip and install it on their own console will escape the notice of law enforcement agencies.

But with major sting operations occurring recently.

"US Gov't Cracks Down On Pirated Games"

"Sony busts down mod-chip retailer with $9 mil. lawsuit"

"Raid casualty comes forward to tell his story"

I think the better question would be:

Why should I mod my console?

Let's take a look at the positives and negatives to each:

Why mods are good:
  1. You can play copies or backups of games.
  2. You can install software and other utilities that enhance the functions of your console
  3. Games load faster. (If mod or system permits backup from CD/DVD to hard drive)
  4. Your friends will think you are the $%$ because this seems "dangerous".
Why mods are bad:
  1. They are illegal and YOU MIGHT GO TO JAIL!
  2. It hurts the gaming industry due to the revenue lost from software piracy.
  3. You won't be able to play on your systems game network like Xbox Live or Wii Online.
  4. Firmware updates can "brick" your system. Meaning it's "dead, kaput, toast, finished"
  5. See #1.
My biggest issue if the high cost of buying video games. Some games really suck and there is no way I want to pay $40-60 for them. Some high quality games are so short that I play them for 3 hours and beat them. Since I don't feel mods are really worth the danger,

I personally use a legal and cheaper alternative to buying every console game!

(If you want to give it a shot. Free trial offer on right sidebar. Adblockers need to be off to see it)

While Gamefly is not the fastest service in the world, they have been overall pretty good. I have been using them for several months and even purchased some of the games I really enjoyed.

There is also the option of just running down to Hollywood, Blockbuster or one of your local video stores and renting.

I hope this gives you a good perspective on what the benefits and pitfalls are. The choice is ultimately up to you. And you most likely will install it fine and play without worries. But if you are like me, you find that chance always seems to pick on you. I'd rather not have one of the negatives happen to me.

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